Building on Principles

Putting the environment into the working environment.

Doing what is right for the environment is a fundamental part of our business. But what’s more important is that it’s good business. By developing sustainable buildings we save you money in reduced energy costs and increased wellness. And we like that.

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Our Purdy’s Wharf development was the first sea-water cooled building in North America. 351 Water took it further, being the first sea-water cooled and heated building in NL.

And at the Bluefrog Business Campus we’ve integrated the work and natural environments with views, nature trails, and contemplation benches. These are just a few examples. We put that same environmental focus into all our buildings. A good building respects the environment, and a better building creates a better environment. It’s as simple as that.

Creating better places to work

Buildings are more than bricks and mortar. They’re where you work. They’re where your employees work. So, the way we figure it, the more we invest in making our buildings a good place to work in, the better and happier it is for the people who work in them.

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We put in bike racks and shower facilities. It may seem small but if you have employees who run or cycle to work, it’s big. We have electric vehicle charging stations and preferred parking spaces for carpoolers, and have been monitoring Indoor Air Quality and conducting audits for the past 20 years.

And we create different workspaces, building them around the needs of your company and the way your people work and want to work.

Good workspaces make for a good business. And having a good business is no bad thing.

Creativity, innovation, and not doing the ordinary

Creativity and innovation drive everything we do. Is there a better way of doing something? That’s a question we always ask and sometimes the answers that pop up are very interesting.

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At 122 Dorey in Dartmouth, NS, we took the idea of a warehouse and turned it into a human-friendly (and very energy efficient) space by building in windows and skylights. The natural light saves energy but also provides a much better work environment. 122 Dorey is Canada’s first LEED® registered warehouse, and the Beclin Business Park in Mount Pearl, NL, is Canada’s first LEED registered industrial campus.

Over the last 30 years we’ve built millions of square feet of creative and adaptive workspace. Whatever sort of space you’re looking for we’ll apply all our enthusiasm and energy to finding a better answer for you.