Sneak a Peek at 351 Water Street

East Port Properties offers short-term space for local businesses

November 7, 2017, St. John’s, NL – East Port Properties is highlighting the unseen potential for small businesses in downtown St. John’s.

“We now have our own Victorian-style peep show at 351 Water Street,” said Judy Wall, President of East Port Properties. “Just like in the 19th century, the peep show opens a short but delightful window into a world filled with limitless possibilities. In this case, it’s a window of opportunity for small businesses.”

To those who look behind the veil, they’re greeted by a message that underscores the space as a new short-term rental opportunity for potential pop-up shops and small business owners.

“While we’re using the idea of the peep show to spark interest, we want to raise awareness that based on statistics from the City of St. John’s for business permit applications, a good percentage of growth in the City is occurring through small home-based businesses. These are traditional textile or arts and crafts businesses, but there are also a number of professional consulting services that carry out the majority of their business online,” stated Wall.

East Port Properties is encouraging small businesses, who may not otherwise consider a long-term storefront in the downtown, to contact them to discuss the pop-up shop and short-term lease potential. The space could welcome one or multiple businesses at the same time.

“This short-term rental provides an opportunity to interact on a face-to-face basis with potential clients, and to raise awareness of their existence,” continued Wall. “351 Water Street is in a high traffic-area and we hope that the flexibility we’re offering with the lease will be of interest to the local business community.”

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