Scent Smart


To improve indoor air quality by the elimination of scented personal products in the building. The Scent Smart program is a comprehensive policy that includes education regarding IAQ issues associated with scented products such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, deodorant, body lotions and creams, hair products, laundry products, etc.

Information regarding the IAQ issues associated with scented products

Many people are scent sensitive. For those people, coming in contact with someone wearing or using a scented product can cause the following: wheezing, coughing, stuffed nose, light headedness, dizziness, nausea, headache, itchy, watery nose and eyes. These symptoms will not go away quickly and can cause the person to feel quite ill. This program is designed to remind you of the negative impact you may have on others by wearing or using scented products.

Suggested alternatives to scented products

Please be considerate of others when choosing personal hygiene products! Several unscented / scent-free products can easily be found. Let’s continue to make responsible choices in support of each other. Please help us maintain a healthy environment by not wearing scented products. This is a voluntary program, but is highly recommended in keeping your indoor environment as healthy as possible by not affecting those around you negatively.

If you are an employee experiencing health effects from scented products, approach the person discreetly. Clearly and courteously explain the benefits of adopting scent-free practices. Remember, most people are unaware of the negative impact scented products have on some people.

If you feel uncomfortable approaching the individual directly, speak with your supervisor / office manager. Building and operational staff are also available to assist in educating your employees of the benefits of a healthy environment for all employees.

For individuals who have been approached about their scented personal products: do not take offence. Consider switching to a scent-free alternative.

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